How To Strenghten Nails

I am going to show you how you can make your nails grow faster and stronger. I am trying these techniques to make my nails grow strong so let’s have a look at what these things are?

Most of these ideas, if not all, are considered very new, and these are barely aware by most girls. I found that very sad, since these ideas have helped me so very much in the past! So, I can tell you for sure that these things really work like a charm!

The Cuticle Massage

The Cuticles MassageFirst of all, we will talk about is massaging the area around your nail. Massage each nail in your fingers, and make the massaging time go for about 15-20 seconds. You can do this once a day and just before bed time. Massaging your nail like such way enhances the blood circulation around the nails. It is making a nail to grow faster.

Flex Those Fingers

Flex Those FingersNow a lot of you might be aware of this fact that the nails of the dominant hand tend to grow faster than the nails of the non-dominant hand. And that is basically because the dominant hand is doing most of the work every day therefore it have stronger muscles and better blood circulation. Therefore in order to make sure that your nail to grow faster just exercise your hands like this a few times every day.

Push Back The Cuticles

Push Back Cuticle

It is extremely important to keep your cuticles pushed back when you’re trying to grow your nails. That is because if the cuticles are stuck around your nails too hard, it will prevent your nails from growing very fast. So keep that area free to grow your nail. If you do not have a cuticle pusher,  I would offer you some amazing alternatives! One amazing alternative is the medicine leaf. Just use the end of the medicine leaf to push back your cuticles. Coins also another alternative that is going to work very well!

Moisturise the Cuticles

How To Strengthen NailsApart from keeping the cuticles pushed back it is also very very important to keep them well moisturized. Dry Cuticles tighten the nerves around, slowing nail growth.That will you ensure that your cuticles are nice and healthy and make them would not interfering with your new growth for this reason.  I like to use my cuticle oil. If you do not have a cuticle oil or cream, I have a perfect alternative for you! A lip butter. Simply take some lip butter on a q-tip and applied on your cuticles every few days.

Nail Shaping

Nail ShapingFinding the nail bed at the top means good balance pressure nerve for bottom of the nail which in turn has an even and faster growth nails. To understand your best nail shape & to help your nail grow, just check the bottom of the nail. Now some nail are more round at the bottom and some are more squared therefore select a shape accordingly. The shape at the top should be exactly like the ship at the bottom. The best nail files are the sand ones. Try to avoid using the stronger ones because they can cause your nails to break.

The Right Polish

Another very good treatment to make your nail is strong is to use Calcium base coat! Calcium base coat alternatively you can also try Calcium based polish tools. They also work really well to make your nails nice and strong.

Moisturize Your Nails

When you’re trying to grow your nails, it is obviously very important to keep them strong by keeping them then moisturize. Ensure your nails don’t get too brittle by applying nail oil or glycerine. For this I like to use my nail oil if you do not have and you can also use glycerine it works as an amazing alternative.

Remove That Remover

Nail sprays, removers, acetone make your nail weak. So by applying these make your nails dry and make them weak, eventually stop your nail to go grow faster . Therefore to have your nails to grow fast enough, do remove your nail polishes by using oil based nail polish removers.

How To Strengthen Nails Home Remedy

You may have several nail strengthening lotions, gels available out there. However prior to you experiment with those expensive products to enhance your nails, below are few natural remedy that might assist you in handling brittle nails.

How To Strengthen Nails Home Remedy

Almond oil: Take 1 teaspoon of almond oil as well as add some lemon juice to it, blend this well. Now, straight massage therapy your hands with this blend or simply soak your hands right into this combination for not greater than 2 mins. As almond oil contains antioxidants and also nutrients, it nurtures your nails and also avoids them from damaging. Find out more concerning skin and also hair advantages of pleasant almond oil.
Sea salt: Among the simple as well as most effective methods to recover breakable nails normally is to saturate you nails in a remedy containing sea salt as well as water. You can likewise include lemon juice or wheat germ oil to a bowl of warm water and also soak your hands for about 15 mins. Repeat this process two times in a day for a week for good outcomes.
Coconut oil: As fragile nails are generally created due to absence of appropriate moisturiser to your nails, massaging your nails with slightly warm coconut oil could work for you. Guarantee that you use few declines on each nail as well as massage it carefully momentarily. This additionally softens the cuticle, improves blood circulation to the nails as well as makes them more powerful. The amount of elegance advantages of coconut oil do you know?
Tomato juice: Being rich in anti-oxidants and also healthy protein, tomato juice could recover weak nails as well as enhance appearance. All you should do is add 2 decreases of rosemary oil to 2 tablespoons of tomato juice. Dip your nails in this remedy for 10 mins and wash your nails with water.
Apple cider vinegar: Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2-3 mugs of cozy water. Dab some cotton in this blend and apply it on the nails. The visibility of alpha-hydroxy acids and also acetic acid in the vinegar moisturises the nails and protects against breaking of the nails. Here’s exactly how you can use apple cider vinegar for various skin and also hair troubles.
Olive oil: Take 2 teaspoon of olive oil and dip your fingers in the oil for around 10 minutes or massage therapy your nails with this oil.Olive oil helps in the absorption of calcium as well as enhances bone mineralisation as well as the process of calcification. This is an affordable natural remedy to strengthen breakable nails.
Lemon juice: All you need to do is press the juice of half a lemon, dip a cotton round and also swipe your nails. Do this for each nail and clean your nails with warm water. This is because, lemon juice includes vitamin C, an effective anti-oxidants that combats free radicals and stops further worsening of the problem.
Tea tree oil as well as vitamin E oil: To a teaspoon of tea tree oil, add 2– 3 declines of vitamin E oil and also carefully massage your nails with this mix. For reliable outcomes, do this a minimum of 2 times a day for a month. As tea tree oil is powerful antiseptic oil and also vitamin E is acts as an antioxidant, this combination helps in recovery brittle nails.
Argan oil: This oil works well for strengthening breakable nails due to its softening properties. You might incorporate argan oil as part of your manicure as well as pedicure regular or simply massage therapy your nails with this oil to battle brittle nails normally. NailHow To Strenghten Nails I am going to show you how you can make your nails grow faster and stronger. I am trying these techniques to make my nails grow strong so let's have a look at what these things are? Most of these ideas, if not all, are considered very new, and these...It's all about different nails kits, and nail kits set that you must have.