How To Make Your Nails Grow

I’m going to show you guys how I grew my nails out from this length

how to make your nails grow

to this length in just seven months.

how to make your nails grow in 7 months

More recently since I started making my nail art tutorial guidelines, my nails have grown from that length

how to make your nails grow






to this length in just two months.

how to make your nails grow in 2 months

Not only that my nails were able to last through quite a few designs before I ended up switching up the length and shape. In fact followers have spoken and wanted to know my secrets about how to get growing, long, strong and healthy nails. So now the request has been fulfilled behold.

3 Ways To Your Long, Strong And Healthier Nails

Part 1: Nourish and Sustaining

Focusing on the ingredients you put on the inside and outside of your body. Whether I moisturizing my hair or skin I have oils like Coconut Castor and Organic on my hands pretty much every day or so this is a really passive way to nourish my cuticles and the base of my nails.

Ways To Your Long, Strong And Healthier Nails

But if you don’t use these oils normally just rub a small amount over some clean nail beds like so. A diet with a fair share of protein can do wonders for your nails and hair too. Remember keratin is a protein found in both now that the diet is in order try out a dietary supplement that is ideal for hair skin and nails and biotin or silica.





But if pills aren’t your cup of tea be sure to try a vitamin of Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies instead. I’m honestly on my third bottle and I’m really happy with the results plus I’ve been more consistent with the to grow long nails

To help push those vitamins and nutrients along it’s important to get an adequate amount of water.

As a rule of thumb, we’re supposed to drink our body weight in fluid ounces. So if I’m a hundred fifty pounds that’s a hundred 50 ounces. But we can work our way up to that. If you need a little bit of order to your life or just the push to drink more water.




Try downloading an app to remind you when to drink. I’ve been using this app for about four months and it really makes me conscious of the water. I’m taking in and also the water that I’ve been missing.

How To Strengthen Nails

With a good water app you can set reminders or you can let the app remind you either way. When you make your goal, it congratulate you.

Part 2: Love and maintain your nails

Avoid rushing or using your nails as tools. E.g I broke this when opening a box too quickly and I broke this one while rushing to put on a shoe. But to even out my nails I use a nonmetal emery board or nail file as needed on dry nails. This is always the best option to minimize splits breakage and anything like that kind of like how we trim our hair. Another key that is the equivalent of protective styling on natural hair is keeping my nails polished. This is an excellent practical and fun way to protect your natural nails! But if you’re not into the colors just grab a clear top coat instead.

Part 3: Watch + flourish

When we treat ourselves good, the body rewards us. In this case you can look forward to stronger nails and length over time. And stronger nails tend to hold polish better for longer time. As for these nails I’m going to bid farewell to the length for now but I’m making sure i use a really strong pair of clippers that can cut right through my nails to prevent any unnecessary damage. Since you stayed with the end why not check out this nail care challenge I’ve prepared for you.

Challenge To Take To Grow Your Nail Longer:-

First take a picture of your nails at the lowest point at which you want them to grow next grab nice size tumbler and try to drink.
One of those a day remember good hydration and good diet were made for each other. So remember to include proteins as needed into your diet and also foods with water in it clean eating.
Now that your nurse and hydrated boost the effects with a hair skin and nail vitamin of your choice. But make sure you use it with a meal. And don’t forget to make notes and track changes whether physical or mental about what and how your body is reacting to your intakes. See if you can do this challenge for three months. I hope you all found this guidelines helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your nail care journey I’ll see you in the next one.

More Tips for Caring Your Nails

While making use of coconut oil for nailsworks remarkably well, you can try some other tips to improve the total beauty and health of your nails. Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Make sure to maintain your nails with good hygiene.
  • Keep your nails short by cutting them regularly to lessen the danger of injury, and always reduce your nails right across and also make use of a sharp scissor or clipper. And also keep in mind to round your nails after you reduced them to make certain optimal strength.
  • Don’t eliminate the cuticle and quit biting your fingernails. Such routines are just likely to damage your nail.
  • Never ever use your nails to open up pop cans or doing things like that.
  • Soak your feet in cozy seawater if your toe nails are thick by blending 1 tsp salt for each and every pint of water for 5 to 10 mins.
  • As well as choose your shoes size carefully and wear the ones that fit properly
  • Do not dig out ingrown toenails, particularly if they are infected NailHow To Make Your Nails Grow I'm going to show you guys how I grew my nails out from this length to this length in just seven months. More recently since I started making my nail art tutorial guidelines, my nails have grown from that length           to this length in just two months. Not...It's all about different nails kits, and nail kits set that you must have.