Gelish Nail Kit

Professional Gel Polish Sets

Gelish Nail Kit

Total Gel Polish Starter Set by Gelish, $116.

Gelish is an expert brand name, although this is not practically an expert package. Gelish is a popular gel polish brand with lots of customers. This is a terrific kit to begin with. The skim coat, top layer, cuticle oil, and also bonder are just mini size so you will certainly need to replace them rather quickly, yet the set does feature 2 full size Gelish colors. If you operate in a salon and also need greater than just an at home lamp, the Gelish Beauty salon Basics LED Light 18G is typically taken into consideration the very best lamp there is for gel polish.

LED lamp (treatments in 45 secs).
Skim coat (Structure) as well as top layer (Top it Off).
2 full size colors.
Cuticle Oil.
Anti-UV Manicure Glove.

My finger nails are normally quite strong and expand long, so I like to keep them polished and looking nice. Gel nail polish is among the best creations ever … no more chipping and peeling off after simply a couple of days. Gel polish normally lasts regarding 2 weeks, and also it remains very glossy like it was just applied. It shields your nails and makes them stronger, avoiding them from breaking or tearing. And among the most effective benefits is that it dries out promptly after curing in an LED or UV lamp, so you can quickly get back to function without having to fret about screwing up your gloss.

I was obtaining gel manicures at my regional beauty salon every few weeks, however it was a costly practice to keep. After watching the experts at the hair salon do my nails a lot of times, I assumed I would try to do it myself from home. I did some research study on the various brand names of gel polish and made a decision that Gelish Nail Kit was the most effective choice for me. It was easily obtainable on Amazon and also more affordable compared to a lot of the options. Gelish Nail Kit likewise has a quite large option of shades to select from. I bought every one of the devices that I should begin for around $150, which is the matching of around 4 manicures at the hair salon. Currently I do my own gel manicures from house, along with for a few family members as well as good friends.

People always ask me:

Are your nails real?– Yes.
Do you do them on your own?– Yes.
Is it hard to do?– No! It’s in fact quite easy.

Gelish Nail Kit Applying Suggestions

Applying and removing your Gelish nails

Gelish Nail Kit

Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish (Choose from 18 gorgeous shades )
Gelish Cleanser
Gelish pH Bond
Gelish Foundation Gel
Gelish Top It Off Gel Sealer
Gelish Cleanser
Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil
Gelish Soak Off Gel Remover
Gelish Mini Light
Four AA batteries for the light

Lint-free wipes
Orange wood stick
Aluminum foil
Cushion file
180 grit nail file
Toe separators if doing the toes
Optional: HandsDown Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps

Applying  Gelish  Nail Kit  
Note:  Each  layer  will  remain  tacky  until  you  have  done  the  final  cure  with  Gelish  Top  It  Off  Gel  Sealer  and  cleansed  the  nail.

Apply the Gelish Cleanser onto a lint-free wipe.
Push back the cuticle as well as clean the surrounding nail.
Forming the natural nail.
Gently eliminate the sparkle on the natural nail with a padding data.
Use the Gelish Cleanser on the lint-free wipe to remove the dirt and clean the nail.

Apply  Gelish  pH  
Bond  to  the  natural  nail.
Apply  a  thin  coat  of  Gelish  Foundation  Gel  to  the  nail,  then  lightly  stroke  over  the  top  and  seal  the edges of the nail

Place  fingers  in  the  Mini  Light  for  one  minute.  See  chart  below  for  curing  times  with  other  lights.     Recommended: Heal 4 fingers each time, after that the thumbs with each other.
When utilizing the light on your nails, open up the light and also use it on its side.
Make use of the orange wood stay with clean up any excess Gelish Foundation Gel from around the cuticle or under the nail.

Use a THIN layer of the Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish from the cuticle to the complimentary side.
Make certain to seal the edges of the nail.
Keep in mind: Too thick of application will create gel to not heal appropriately.

Place  fingers  in  the  Mini  Light  for  two  minutes.  See  chart  below  for  curing  time  with  other  lights.
The  surface  of  each  layer  will  remain  tacky  when  cured.

Apply  another  coat  of  polish  and  cure  once  more,  as  above.

Apply  a  thin,  light  application  of  Gelish  Top  It  Off  Gel  Sealer  from  cuticle  to  free  edge.  Use  the  side  of   the  brush  to  apply  the  Gelish Top It  Off  Gel  Sealer  on  all  the  edges  of  the  natural  nail  to  seal  the  edge.

Place  fingers  in  the  Mini  Light  for  two  minutes.  See  chart  below  for  curing  time  with  other  lights.

Your  nails  will  be  tacky  at  this  point.  Apply  the  Gelish  Cleanser  onto  a  clean  lint-­‐free  wipe  to  remove   the tacky  surface.  This  step  will not  remove  the  Gel  Soak  Off  Gel  Polish  unless  the  nail  is  not  properly   cured.

Note:  If  the  color  comes  off  when  removing  the  tacky  surface,  the  nail  did  not  properly  cure.  Use  Gelish   Cleanser  to  remove  all  color,  then restart  the  application  procedure.  You  won’t  need  to  push  the  cuticle   back  or  shape  the  natural  nail  this  time.

Apply  Gelish  Nourish  Cuticle  Oil  to  the  skin  surrounding  the  nail.

Gelish Nail Kit Applying Time

Gelish procedure LED Light Mini Light/UV Light
Foundation Gel 10 seconds 1 minute
Structure Gel 30 seconds 2 minutes
Top If Off Gel 20-30 seconds 2 minutes
Colors 20-30 seconds 2 minutes


Removing  Gelish Nails After Using Gelish Nail Kit


Utilizing a 180 grift nail file, gently submit the surface of the Gelish to break the seal and also eliminate luster.

Area a cotton saturated with Gelish Soak Off Gel Cleaner over the nail and also cover the idea of finger in aluminum foil as well as wait for 10 mins. Note: Leave the cotton on the nail covering the whole nail. Pointer: You can make use of HandsDown Soak Off Gel Fingernail Covers for this treatment.


If essential, carefully get rid of gel with orange wood stick. Beware not to press into the nail.

Use Gelish Nourish Cuticle  Oil to the finger and also skin surrounding the nail. Nail KitApplying and removing your Gelish nails,Removing Gelish Nails After Using Gelish Nail KitGelish Nail Kit Professional Gel Polish Sets Total Gel Polish Starter Set by Gelish, $116. Gelish is an expert brand name, although this is not practically an expert package. Gelish is a popular gel polish brand with lots of customers. This is a terrific kit to begin with. The skim coat, top layer,...It's all about different nails kits, and nail kits set that you must have.